Samantha's Family

Carie Ott, Samantha's Cousin

I am one of Samantha’s older cousins, and like my sister Hannah Ott, we did not live in the same state growing up. One of my memories of Samantha was at our Nanny and Pap’s house. We shared many great memories there as a family. I remember one time for a family gathering, Samantha and I along with my brother Justin, sister Hannah, Jack, and other cousin John Michael having to eat in the living room at our Nanny’s house because it was so hot that we could not eat in the kitchen area. As we all sat around the coffee table, joking as some of the tallest people were sitting on the ground. We laughed so hard and had a chance to talk about each other’s lives. She asked me about my college experience, and I asked how everything in her life was going. She told me about her opportunity to visit colleges for volleyball and I remember telling her to go for it! However, the fondest memory of Samantha and I was when our cousin Cristina renewed her vows and celebrated with a ceremony and reception with our family and friends. Samantha was so excited to be part of the day, along with Hannah and I. We danced, laughed, and enjoyed each other’s company. During the reception, Samantha, myself, and the 5 other grandkids all had our Nanny up and dancing together. I will never forget the smile on my Nanny’s face, or the loud roar of laughter we all shared together. Samantha was a wonderful person, cousin, and someone who touched many lives. My memories of Sam will forever be inside my heart. I love and miss you Samantha!

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