Celebration of Samantha by: Summer Neff, Samantha's Teammate and Friend

I don't have to stand up here and tell everyone how beautiful Sam was, everyone knows. I don't have to tell everyone how good she played volleyball and tennis, everyone knows. It's hard to tell anything about Sam that you don't already know because she gave everyone all of herself. The thing I loved most about Sam was she never judged you or gave up on you. For me leaving most of my friends and going to Tech was hard because you're not at Williamsport everyday, you lose contact with your friends. Even though we didn't see each other everyday it didn't matter, we made sure we talked every week about everything going on in our lives (the break‐ups and the make‐ups) and that was special to me. I was very lucky to play volleyball with her for 7 years, but now that team of angels in heaven needed an outside hitter!

Goodbye doesn't mean it's over
Goodbye doesn't mean the end
Goodbye just means I'll miss you
Until we meet again...
Goodbye Sam.

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