Samantha's Family

Colton Welch, Samantha’s Cousin

Cousin Sam and I went to the beach together. We went to the sand park (the beach) at dark and played with my new toy shark in the sand. We went to the water park and floated on the big donuts in the moving river (lazy river) and went under the big waterfalls and got really wet. It was fun. My mimi took me and my brother to see her play volleyball at the school with Aunt Jonna. I got scared of all the people but then I was ok and I clapped and cheered her on. Sam is my angel now and she watches over me.

Tucker Welch, Samantha’s Cousin

Cousin Sam and I walked on the wood road (boardwalk) at the beach and ate ice cream together. We stopped and played in the castle on the beach. I remember going to the parade and watching her come by on a red car with no top carrying flowers. She looked like a princess. On Easter Sam and Jack hid Easter eggs for my brother and I to find. There were a lot of eggs to find. Cousin Sam is my angel and I miss her.

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