Remembrance of Samantha by: Jack Kelly, Samantha's Brother

Samantha was the best sister anyone could have. We were the closest brother and sister that always had each other's backs. She was older so she always looked after me through life and especially in high school. We had the best times together even at the hardest of times. We always found a way to make each other laugh, which wasn't hard for me. I believe we were the closest brother and sister, like we were a part of each other.

Since it was her senior year she got to do anything she asked and she was the best at getting her way. Then when she met Brendon and they were so happy together. They were always out doing something together, you couldn't separate them. Every time they were together they smiled and laughed more than ever. I always liked being with them because it made me smile to laugh with them. Brendon was starting to become close with me and was always there for me like my sister was.

All her life my sister wanted to help people and make a difference, she did both. Her inspiration has fueled others and helped many. She once said "It's never the end, only the beginning," to me this means that life is everlasting. Just because t's the end of her time doesn't mean it's the end of her legacy. She wants her loved ones to keep pushing to live their lives to the fullest. It's only the beginning of something special only you can determine.

There is too much to say about her and not enough time to say it in. Most of the good memories we had will always be in my mind and heart. She has left some of her inside of me.

Samantha was the nicest girl and someone I could look up to and trust and rely on. She was my favorite person in the world. That's why I love her so much. I'm glad she's now watching over her family, friends and "liddle brudder."

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