Samantha's Family

Reynolds Family
Front (L-R): Uncle Greg Ott, Cousin Hannah Ott, Aunt Peggy Ott, Nanny Reynolds,
Aunt Toni Sanders, Mom Jonna Vinci; Middle (L-R): Pap Reynolds, Cousin Tucker Welch, Cousin Cristina Welch; Back (L-R): Samantha, Brother Jack Kelly, Cousin Justin Ott,
Cousin Carie Ott, Joey Welch, Cousin Colton Welch.
Kelly Family
Top Left Photo - Bottom (L-R): Cousin Suzanne Reid, Pap Kelly, Amy Kelly; Middle (L-R): Josh Reid, Aunt Teresa Kelly, Grandmom Kelly, Cousin Sarah Bradley, Cousin Ryan Kelly; Back (L-R): Uncle Dennis Kelly, Jason Bradley.
Top Right Photo - Front: Pap Kelly; Back (L-R): Aunt Denise Kelly, Uncle Brian Kelly, Cousin Leanna Kelly, Grandmom Kelly.
Bottom Right Photo
- Front: Pap Kelly; Middle (L-R): Cousin Lauren Kelly, Cousin Kristen Kelly, Aunt Sandy Kelly,
Grandmom Kelly; Back: Uncle Steven Kelly.
Bottom Middle Photo - Front: Pap Kelly; Back (L-R): Samantha, Step-mother Alta Blietz, Dad Keith Kelly, Grandmom Kelly, Brother Jack Kelly.
Bottom Left Photo - Front: Pap Kelly; Middle (L-R): Cousin Sharon Kelly, Cousin Susan Kelly, Cousin Christina Thompson,
Aunt Donna Kelly, Grandmom Kelly; Back: Uncle Phil Kelly
Vinci Family
Front (L-R): Cousin Cristin Vinci, Cousin Nick Doarn, Cousin Ashley Doarn,
Cousin Meagan Vinci; Middle (L-R): Cousin Shannon Vinci, Aunt Joanne Doarn, Brother Jack Kelly, Samantha; Back (L-R): Cousin Joey Vinci, Aunt Erin Vinci,
Uncle Tom Vinci, Step-father Brian Vinci, Mom Jonna Vinci.

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